Data Centre Security Appliance

 The 2.0 Data Centre Security Appliance is the complete server solution for central gateways or back-haul network hubs. It is designed for Layer 3 or large infrastructure projects.

2.0 Data Centre Security Appliance has the backup and redundancy to handle heavy bandwidth loads, combining all of the required cyber technologies with Internet 2.0's Obfuscation Technology. It requires integration.


By placing our Data Security Appliance at the network edge creating a secure gateway, we are able to stop all possible threats before an attacker has the opportunity to interact with any part of your network. Internet 2.0's proprietary Obfuscation Technology then creates a screening effect for your network which prevents all possible scanning. With malicious bots comprising at least 25% of all internet traffic, the 2.0 Data Centre Security Appliance blocks these at the infrastructure layer, taking back lost bandwith.  

Use Case


Internet 2.0 has a ISP back-haul in Papua New Guinea.

All our customers receive secure internet by providing a clean pipe with the Internet 2.0 Data Centre Security Appliance

We recently switched our technology on across our satellite network.

  • It detected 25% of the internet as malicious and blocked it.

  • Malware inflections within client networks were disabled.

  • Users in the Pacific Islands immediately had more secure internet than almost any business in Australia.

Our Pacific Back-Haul