For responding to hackers

 Cyber Security

Lead by our Co-Founder, Robert, 2.0 provides the Cyber Security Advanced Practice to respond to your security Incident. 

Backed by our global intelligence platform and Enterprise Gateway we have been able to effectively neutralize hostile actors on our clients networks.

We focus on responding to cyber security incidents, cyber security strategy and partnering with global institutions to conduct cyber security training and awareness.



Cyber Security

For Large Complex Enterprises

Capacity Building

Internet 2.0 believes universal internet access is key to providing the economic opportunities for developing countries in the Digital Economy.

Security over Satellite is very important as it reduces 25% of the malicious internet traffic that uses expensive satellite bandwidth.

The ability for malicious actors to exploit unsophisticated users is more true for these regions. Protecting all internet users by securing the back-haul network is a pillar of our Mission.

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Cyber Emergency

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