Enterprise Security Appliance 

The 2.0 Enterprise Security Appliance is the all in one security box for the decentralised corporate network. It combines all the required cyber technologies with Internet 2.0's Obfuscation to secure your corporate network.

It is completely configurable in terms of routing, firewall and VPN Tunnels, and can also operate as a 'plug and play' security appliance using default settings.

By placing our Enterprise Security Appliance at the network edge creating a secure gateway, we are able to stop all possible threats before an attacker has the opportunity to interact with any part of your network. Internet 2.0's proprietary Obfuscation Technology then creates a screening effect for your network which prevents all possible scanning.


At the lowest level of the network, the Internet 2.0 Enterprise Security Appliance acts as the user's Wi-Fi router, so users can be isolated protecting the rest of your network from social engineering and phishing attacks. 




Internet 2.0's own Invention to hide your network from hackers


Intrusion Detection

Detect malware and attackers by anonymously inspecting data packets


Advanced Firewall

Fully Configurable Firewall with advanced default settings


Advanced Encryption

Makes traffic unreadable to traditional interception


Packet Blocking

Block packets once they are detected as a threat before they reach the user


Configurable Routing

Has the capability to configure as a router and configure VLANs


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